Word Basic Training

                         Unit 1:  Getting started

                               Topic A:  The Word window

                               Topic B:  New documents

                               Topic C:  Word Help

                         Unit 2:  Navigation and selection techniques

                               Topic A:  Document navigation

                               Topic B:  Selection techniques

                         Unit 3:  Editing text

                               Topic A:  Working with text

                               Topic B:  Using Undo and Redo

                               Topic C:  Cutting, copying, and pasting text

                         Unit 4:  Formatting text

                               Topic A:  Character formatting

                               Topic B:  Tab settings

                               Topic C:  Paragraph formatting

                               Topic D:  Paragraph spacing and indents

                               Topic E:  Automatic formatting

                         Unit 5:  Tables

                               Topic A:  Creating tables

                               Topic B:  Working with table content

                               Topic C:  Changing the table structure

                         Unit 6:  Page layout

                               Topic A:  Headers and footers

                               Topic B:  Margins

                               Topic C:  Page breaks

                         Unit 7:  Proofing and printing documents

                               Topic A:  Checking spelling and grammar

                               Topic B:  Using AutoCorrect

                               Topic C:  Finding and replacing text

                               Topic D:  Printing documents

                               Topic E:  PDF and XPS documents

                         Unit 8:  Graphics

                               Topic A:  Adding graphics and clip art

                               Topic B:  Working with graphics



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