Microsoft Office Training Classes in Atlanta, GA
Microsoft Office Training Classes in Atlanta, GA

Office 2016 New Features


Has your Company recently upgraded to Office 2016 or are you planning on upgrading in the near future?  Don't let your employees waste any employee productivity.  We offer customized upgrade classes that will cover the products that your employees utilize the most in their daily activities.  We also incorporate tips, tricks and shortcuts that will increase productivity and introduce new features that will enhance their daily output.  Our training offerings range from 90 minute New Features overviews, 1/2 day hands-on sessions or full day productivity sessions.  Each of these sessions can be cusomized to cover the products that each group utiizes. 



Sample of Full Day Upgrade Class for Office 2016


Lesson 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2016

Topic A: Common Features

Topic B: Office 2016 and the Cloud

Lesson 2: Working with Microsoft Word 2016

Topic A: Edit a PDF

Topic B: Work with Tables

Topic C: Embed Videos

Topic D: Edit Documents

Topic E: Read Documents

Lesson 3: Working with Microsoft Excel 2016

Topic A: Streamline Workflow in Excel Using Templates

Topic B: Accelerate Data Entry with Flash Fill

Topic C: Incorporate Charts

Topic D: Analyze Data

Lesson 4: Working with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

Topic A: Apply a Theme

Topic B: Incorporate Objects

Topic C: Leverage the Enhanced Presenter View

Topic D: Collaborate with Others on a Single Presentation

Lesson 5: Working with Microsoft Access 2016

Topic A: Explore Web Apps

Topic B: Utilize Templates in Access

Lesson 6: Working with Microsoft Outlook 2016

Topic A: Navigate Through Mail, Calendars, People, and Tasks

Topic B: Manage Your Mailbox



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