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SharePoint Training

We offer end-user SharePoint training for your staff.  Let us customize a training program that will teach your employees how to use SharePoint and intigrate with your Microsoft Office Suite.  Our classes include creating list and libraries, modifying list and libraries, adding documents and turning on version history.

 Below is the outline that is covered in this full day class: 

Unit 1:  Getting started

                               Topic A:  SharePoint Foundation sites

 Unit 2:  Lists

                               Topic A:  Announcements

                               Topic B:  Events

                               Topic C:  Link lists

                               Topic D:  Task lists

                               Topic E:  Contacts

                               Topic F:  Deleting list items

 Unit 3:  Libraries

                               Topic A:  Document libraries

                               Topic B:  Picture libraries

                               Topic C:  Wiki pages

                               Topic D:  Asset libraries

                               Topic E:  Form lib


 Unit 4:  Team communication

                               Topic A:  Discussion boards

                               Topic B:  Surveys

                               Topic C:  Blog pages

Unit 5:  Views

                               Topic A:  Page views

                               Topic B:  Personal views

 Unit 6:  Account information and notifications

                               Topic A:  Personal and regional settings

                               Topic B:  Alerts

                               Topic C:  RSS feed


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